• 26- Buried
  • 25- The Tower
  • 24- Julia Childs Immense World Of Foodcraft
  • 23-iSellCars
  • 22-Captain Nervy's Curvy Scurvy
  • 21-Under Construction

El Juego 26: Buried

February 25, 2011 | No Comments

Explore a window to the ancient world by excavating undiscovered egyptian tombs containing artifacts and relics tied to other civilizations around the world.

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El Juego 25: The Tower

December 19, 2010 | No Comments

Fighting to become whole, two people play a campaign of split personalities, where actions made by one, directly effect the other. Only able to communicate through delayed sound and implied emotion, warning can be sent as a prelude to an impending action on the opposing player’s journey! As you delve further into madness on a quest to The Tower, fantasy and reality will blend as you seek completion.

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El Juego 24: Julia Child’s Immense World of Foodcraft

November 10, 2010 | No Comments

In a world of food, you must cook to survive. Join a food faction, conquer ingredient hubs, and take down immense food monsters to complete your recipe repertoire.

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El Juego 23: iSellCars

October 04, 2010 | No Comments

As a used car salesman in a new town, it’s time to build your clientele! Appeal to your community through a unique system of dialogue, test drives, new clothes, additions to your dealership, a personal rally track, and more! Tread carefully though; natural disasters, mismanaged clients, broken down vehicles, and client relationships will test your memory, reaction time and persuasiveness!

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El Juego 22: Captain Nervy’s Curvy Scurvy

September 17, 2010 | No Comments

As a female captain moonlighting a male cabin boy, you must keep the ship afloat and operational as you set sail delivering tropical meat! Through your escapades to understand the lower deckhand’s life, you’re faced with situations of abuse and opportunity to quell mutiny. As the captain, you must guide the ship and handle quarrels between the upper and lower decks!

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El Juego 21: Under Construction

September 09, 2010 | No Comments

Life is stressful. Unfortunately, you don’t take stress well. As a contractor, it’s up to you to take on the big projects! Start small with house upgrades and move up to skyscrapers and beyond! Control your stress to avoid uncontrollable freakouts, which cause damage to your work, and make you prone to future mistakes. Explore success and failure in this funny action puzzler!

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August 29, 2010 | No Comments

In a world of the blind, the two nostriled man is king! Use scent echolocation to sense your surroundings, mark targets, and steal specific items. Don’t get caught! Those around you can also hone in on scents and track your path through the store. Stay undetected and get out with the items you need!

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El Juego 19: Ups and Downs

July 27, 2010 | No Comments

This is a tale of mortality. Chase yourself through life, correcting the mistakes you’ve made. If you fail to right your wrongs, you will move lower into hell, if you succeed, you will move up towards heaven! Where will you end up in this unique platformer?

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El Juego 18: The Warren

July 24, 2010 | No Comments

Your boss is an evil woman with the power to destroy morale faster than you can blink. It’s time to fight back! Recruit your rag tag squad of officemates for an all out assault! As a class based, top down RPG, The Warren explores both sides of the equation. Choose to fight establishment by selecting meeting places, developing secret codes, and formulating & executing plans during office hours, all while keeping off the radar of the higher ups! Or join the (wo)man, by weeding out the uprising using techniques like blocking out email, calling last minute meetings, etc!

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El Juego Classico: Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…

July 20, 2010 | No Comments

You just can’t seem to shake the habit of embellishing your stories! Unfortunately for you, today you play them. Take a trip down memory lane and play supercharged, often insane shells of your favorite games of yore.

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